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Give Your Student an Edge in Algebra.

Kick Start Learning's Algebra 1 DVD course provides 15 hours of instruction by a certified high school math teacher using easy-to-follow examples. Equivalent to one high school semester, the course can be used by students to get an advanced start on Algebra 1, as a supplement to their class work, or as a refresher course before their next math course.

With Kick Start Learning's Algebra 1 DVD Course, your student can master Algebra using the following features:

  • 53 lessons of DVD instruction divided into 10 units, which allow the student to complete the entire course using a building block approach or drill down into specific lessons
  • Easy-to-follow lesson format which starts with a brief discussion of the topic and then leads the student through multiple examples with increasing degrees of difficulty
  • Free on-line companion guide to help the student complete the example problems while following along with the instruction
  • Free on-line workbook containing hundreds of additional practice problems and detailed solutions